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Helping out at the 1st open kickboxing national final in my country

On December 2nd, I went to help out my cousins on installing a wait-and-call system for the 1st Spanish Open Kickboxing National final, who have been practicing and now become sponsors of the sport in their home city. While it wasn’t a professional competition, it was a very interesting event to watch.

And cold! There was no heating at all. One of my cousins joked about the air conditioning being on.


As for my role, I was in charge of making a queueing system for screens in the warm-up spots that have been placed. It’s funny how the simplest example of a web app with a reactive framework actually became a product I would end up developing.

However, I had a very limited time and nearly no budget, and the organizers made a lot of last minute changes, so the app itself became pretty messy due to my limited knowledge of backend development. When referees were gonna call in the next match, it would often stop receiving updates or pause them for some time until a new update came in, and everything updated at the same time. I knew it would probably have lots of issues, but there weren’t any incidents of the sort, so I call it a success.

My cousins, who also come from a legal background, have heavily encouraged me to make a patent for this software, though in all honesty they do this all the time with all of my creations. I will most likely reject this idea, while I do see some economic potential to it, I’m more of an advocate of open source software and I don’t feel like spending too much time into something like this.

On another note, one of my friends reacted like this when I mentioned this to him:

Look, I’ve helped my cousins out with this martial arts event!

I’m soooo jealous! You should’ve told me sooner!