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This blog contains a Legacy version designed to work with browsers dating as far back as the late 1990s.

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The first post

The Yonic Corner is back! And this time, it’s back with a new design, structure, and content. However, it still remains (mostly) true to its original version.

What has changed?

Nothing much, really. The core structure is very similar to the old blog, but it has departed from the generic PaperMod design.

This new design I like to call Vectarcade, is heavily inspired on how the web used to look like in the late 90s to early 2000s, an era where CSS started to gain foothold and pixel graphics were the main trend.

Although for this design, I did not restrain myself from using modern CSS, I’m working on a way to expand the compatibility to older browsers (Internet Explorer may be out of the question, however…), and instead of pixel graphics, I’m using low resolution vectorized versions with a similar style.

One of the biggest changes apart from the design is the switch from Hugo to Astro. The main reason for the change was because I’ve been having a much more positive developer experience in Astro than Hugo, and also so I can do a little bit of CSR, which is somewhat tough to do in Hugo.

At the end of the day, this should give you a very similar experience to the older version of the blog. And the philosophy of the blog remains the same: Striving to reduce as much bloat as possible. Astro helps a lot by striping away most of the JavaScript that other frameworks would throw in. So you can still browse this blog with Noscript or any other solution available to have JavaScript disabled, without any hiccups.

On that matter, I found a way to get rid of the YouTube player. Instead, now it’s using an alternative that also works without JavaScript! No more ads, no more bloat!

Image of video player
Here is an image of the Invidious video player that’s used instead of the YouTube one from the previous version.

There’s still work to do

The Yonic Corner: Hugo version
This is how The Yonic Corner used to look like in the Hugo version. Note the dark theme.

There are still a couple things that are missing from the former version:

There are also some new features I’d like to add to the site, as well as a few things I need to polish like SEO and some accessibility features.

And don’t forget, I’m still here! The character system is still not fleshed out, but it works at the very least!