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This blog contains a Legacy version designed to work with browsers dating as far back as the late 1990s.

About me

Blog established on May 16, 2023

I am a Spanish game developer, and I welcome you to my (not so) personal space.

Of course, I love videogames, but I also have a thing for cartoons, science stuff and astronomy, as well as a huge curiosity for Japan and its culture.

About this blog

I plan to write about wild thoughts in my head, my experiences, and programming and UX/game design tips. Maybe it’ll be a bit hard to find your way through the site, so I made multiple ways of surfing my site:

The design is meant to give you a throwback to the old web, back when it started in the 1990s, but maintaining the design standards and taking advantage of the modern web, so it has many things from tons of (vectorized) decoration from the pixel age of the web, including custom mouse cursors, to marquees: Yeah, marquees. At this point I could throw in a flying animated GIF somewhere — or rather, the modern equivalent, WebP — for the finishing touch.

Sadly, because it uses modern web technology, it’s not compatible with Internet Explorer. But at least you don’t need JavaScript to read this blog! While I plan to add a couple of enhancements with JavaScript, I’ve worked very hard to make this site as script-free as possible, so feel free to disable JavaScript here if you care about bloat and privacy.

About this blog’s characters

A common signature feature of many old-school blogs, especially Japanese ones, is to have some characters wandering about the site, giving the place a lot of personality.

In here, these characters take form of vector sprites that can show multiple expressions and emotions. Since they’re vector images, they show up at any display scale while keeping the maximum visual quality, no matter how big they are and how much you zoom in.

By the way, if you put your cursor over the characters on your PC, or hold your finger on them while on mobile, you can see what they’re thinking about!

Yonic is the main character of this site, and one of my oldest characters I’ve ever came up with. He has had many redesigns over the years, but at its core, he hasn’t changed much, which goes to show how fond I am of this character.

You’ll get to see some of my friends here, too!